We believe that healthy, happy hens make for healthy happy people.

Local Marin Pasture Raised Chickens that are fed 100% Organic & Soy Free Feed

You can try our eggs at these local establishments:

Valenti & Co. and Pizzalina in San Anselmo, CA


At Friends of a Feather Farms we raise our hens on organic healthy pastures, where they freely forage a natural, healthy diet. Founded in Marin County, CA in 2015 by this 13-year old upstart, Kyan Walker (4H Poultry Jr. Leader, County Fair Best In Show Poultry Winner, and Poultry Judge). Enthusiastically staffed by three 10-year-old girls, Lana, Kacia, & Dylan (also gold-winning 4H-ers), we are proud to be youth-led and youth-inspired.

Our Practices

We care greatly about our small flock of Gold Star hens, who spend their days pecking, scratching and enjoying grass, grubs and insects, which are their natural behaviors. Chickens are omnivores and are designed to eat mice, snakes, bugs, worms, and insects. They are descendants of the Velociraptor, a small meat-eating dinosaur. It is not natural for their diet to be 95% “vegetarian”, consisting of mostly corn and soy, which is found in most store bought eggs. For a balanced diet, we supplement with the healthiest soy-free, Certified organic feed, vitamins and herbs as well as developing relationships with local organic farmers who save us their food scraps which we collect at the farmer’s market.
At Friends of a Feather Farms, because we think our soil microbial communities are pretty important, we rotate birds through acres of native grasses. Our ladies get the sunlight, fresh air and exercise they need to produce the highest quality, delicious tasting, nutritious eggs.

We also use the farm as a place to learn. We hold local 4H Project meetings here that range from bee projects to fiber goat projects to poultry projects. We have 2 hives, 4 dogs, 2 angora goats, 2 angora rabbits, 3 cats, and a fan-tailed pigeon.