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I am a Backyard Farming and Urban Agriculture specialist who strives to help others create their ideal family farm.

I work with anyone interested in Sustainable Farming Techniques and would like to start an

Organic Backyard Farm or expand their current setup here in Marin or Sonoma County.

No Eggs at the market?  Need something educational for the kids?

Raising backyard chickens has been trendy for years. But during our current pandemic, the surging demand for chicks has been so extreme that hatcheries and feed stores are having trouble keeping them in stock. Most are already sold out.

Raising backyard chickens is both entertaining and educational. It’s a perfect time for children who are now at home to have something to engage their attention and teach them about raising animals and growing food for the family.

I have been working with my clients on choosing the right breeds, buying the chicks, and then setting them up with a brooder, heat lamp, food, and ongoing support.

If you been thinking about raising your own backyard flock, now is the time.

Various topics we consult on, but are not limited to:

  • Seasonal Feeding
  • Medical Issues that may arise within your flock
  • Predator Proofing
  • Coop layout and design
  • Rodent Control
  • Egg production/ shell health
  • Adding new hens to your flock
  • Hen Health
  • Coop cleaning and care
  • Gardening with your hens